I don’t own a house, but I have a home.

A home filled with laughter, love, encouragement and forgiveness.

It’s a place where I can let my guard down and just be me.

I can cry when I’m sad and dance when I’m happy.

Hugs and kisses are abundant and free.

No, I don’t have a house, but I have something that no amount of money can buy—a home.

I don't need to own a house to have a home

How much would I pay for more time with KidFish? $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000?

I left a job that paid a $60,000/year salary to be a non-paid stay-with-child mom.
It’s been 2 ½ years now, so that equals $150,000 in lost income. Essentially, I’ve “paid” $150,000 (so far) for time with KidFish.

The way I see it, that $150,000 wasn’t lost income. It was an investment. I used that money to buy some very, very important things:

-my position as the main influencer in KidFish’s life
-opportunities to explain the world to her
-moments of spontaneous prayer, both for her and for strangers
-time to bond our hearts together
-a tangible declaration of my priorities

Could all these things have happened if I worked a 9-5 job?


Would it have been harder and more stressful?


Was it worth it? If I got to go back in time and do it over again, knowing what I know now, would I make the same choice?

YES! YES! Resounding YES!

TwoFish is challenging me to see everyday life from a new perspective. When it comes to worth, I’m seeing that value is determined by far more than just price.

Anything that just costs money is cheap.