I love a good story. Thankfully, so does KidFish. These are some of the books we’re enjoying this week.


1. My Dad, My Hero by Ethan Long
A cute story about the bond between a father and son. Dad doesn’t have super powers but is still a hero.

2. Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator! by Mo Willems
6 ½ stories about 2 surprising friends.

3. Mooncake by Frank Asch
One fine summer evening a hungry bear decides that he would like to taste a piece of the moon and builds a rocketship to get there.

4. A Dragon in a Wagon by Jane Belk Moncure
A story about a girl who decides to read a book and has adventures in different methods of transportation.

*****Leave a comment and let me know what books/stories you enjoy.*****

When people find out that I’m a stay-with-child mom, they often ask, “Are you going to homeschool?” I’m not opposed to the idea, but I really haven’t decided one way or the other. There are so many different options for educating KidFish: public, private, homeschool, un-schooling, etc.

This video with Seth Godin gives me something to think about. He asks a fundamental question: “What is school for?” and challenges me to use my answer to that question as a guide for how I educate KidFish.

Not just how, but why. Start with why. The why should dicatate the how.

If you’re interested in more, check out his manifesto “Stop Stealing Dreams.” It’s fascinating.