How much would I pay for more time with KidFish? $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000?

I left a job that paid a $60,000/year salary to be a non-paid stay-with-child mom.
It’s been 2 ½ years now, so that equals $150,000 in lost income. Essentially, I’ve “paid” $150,000 (so far) for time with KidFish.

The way I see it, that $150,000 wasn’t lost income. It was an investment. I used that money to buy some very, very important things:

-my position as the main influencer in KidFish’s life
-opportunities to explain the world to her
-moments of spontaneous prayer, both for her and for strangers
-time to bond our hearts together
-a tangible declaration of my priorities

Could all these things have happened if I worked a 9-5 job?


Would it have been harder and more stressful?


Was it worth it? If I got to go back in time and do it over again, knowing what I know now, would I make the same choice?

YES! YES! Resounding YES!

TwoFish is challenging me to see everyday life from a new perspective. When it comes to worth, I’m seeing that value is determined by far more than just price.

Anything that just costs money is cheap.

Time for Change


I am a creature of habit.

I drive the same routes. I eat at the same restaurants. I order the same food. I wear the same outfits. And I’m fine with it.

In fact, I like it.

But recently, something in me yearns for growth.

Growth doesn’t come from maintaining the status quo. Growth comes from trying new things, experiencing new challenges and understanding new insights. So in the spirit of my instagram, (everyday life from a new perspective) I created the “7 Days of…Challenge.”

It’s simple. 7 days of doing something differently than I do it now. (i.e. 7 days of waking up early, 7 days of cooking dinner, 7 days of adventure.) After I finish the challenge, I’ll write about how it went and what I learned.

Why 7 days? Is it because it’s the number of completion? Is it because it’s lucky?

Not really.

Mostly because it’s less than 30 days and more than 0. I’ve always been better at sprints than at marathons. I can do 7 days.

On March 4th (get it? march forth…I couldn’t resist the pun) I’ll be posting the results from my first “7 Days of…Challenge!”

If you’re up for it, join with me!


Dance with my Cinderella

This moment in time is extremely special. I have the awesome privilege of getting to love the most amazing little girl. In the moment, washing dishes and doing laundry seem so important, but in the light of nurturing and forming a young soul, they seem so trivial.

If I desire to raise my daughter well and to teach her to be a woman of character, then it means that reading stories, stacking blocks and making memories come before doing chores.

I will never have this day with my daughter ever again. There will always be chores to be done. I will not always have a little one to raise.

Seeing what could be…


KidFish is going to do big, amazing things.

She was created for something awesome, something magical, and I get to help her figure out what that is!

Right now, she is small, she hasn’t quite mastered eating and she still needs help going up and down stairs.

And that’s OK.

Today she was rolling around on the floor.

This is what the camera saw…


But this is what I saw…


As KidFish’s mom, I get a privileged position as teacher, coach and cheerleader. I get to help her see beyond what is and help her see what could be.

KIdFish, I hope that the things you see in your mind today, you will one day be able to see with your eyes.

The Land of Good Mommies

I’m on a quest to reach a far off place called “The Land of Good Mommies.”

It’s a place where moms frolic in the grass with their children, singing and dancing while their dresses blow in the breeze. Apparently, I think it looks a lot like a scene from “The Sound of Music.”

It’s a place just beyond the mountains of discipline, just past the dry desert of eating vegetables and through the treacherous sea of potty training.

One day I hope to reach this land and finally become a “Good Mommy.”

But, you know what? Today I realized that it’s not a far off land.

It’s here.

It’s right now.

I AM living in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

How do I know? Every intentional act of love and sacrifice tells me that I’m here.

Every time I answer with a firm, gentle word instead of a harsh yell, I know I’m in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

Every time I get out of bed in the middle of the night to comfort a scared, crying KidFish instead of pretending to be asleep, I know I’m in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

Every time I answer KidFish’s request, “Will you play with me?” with a “Yes” instead of a look of annoyance for interrupting me, I know I’m in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

Every time I pray for or with KidFish, I know I’m in “The Land of Good Mommies.”

Every time I teach, guide, discipline, love, embrace, nurture or encourage KidFish, I know I’m here.

The awesome thing is we can all live in this land. We can all be Good Mommies. Every moment we have with our kids is an opportunity to be a Good Mommy. Be a Good Mommy today!

motherhood is a choice

Dishes, Diapers and Laundry

Being a stay with child mom is not a glamorous job.

I used to think it was all cuddles, blanket forts and frolicking in the park. In my pre-mom years I often saw women strolling their babies around the neighborhood and others having mommy dates at the park. How relaxing! How fun! How free!

How wrong I was.

When I actually became a stay with child mom, I learned about the other side of motherhood—the endless dishes, diapers and laundry.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being with KidFish all day. It’s the dishes, diapers and laundry that I could do without.

This year, I am challenging myself to see from a different perspective. To look at those dishes, diapers and laundry as a result of memories that were made and moments that were shared.

What stories can those dishes tell?
What sweet words have those diapers heard?
What adventures has that laundry experienced?

Instead of seeing a stack of dirty dishes…
…I should smell the delicious meal that was shared with love.
…I should hear the meaningful dinner conversations.
…I should see the opportunity I had to teach KidFish manners.

Instead of seeing a pile of unfolded laundry…
…I should see a life of abundance.
…I should see the stains on KidFish’s pants from the time she found a sand dollar at the beach.
…I should see the time my sweatshirt kept me warm on the cable car ride as my husband and I pretended to be tourists.

Instead of seeing a diaper that needs to be changed…
…I should see the awesome little person that I get to love.
…I should find comfort in knowing that KidFish is getting enough to eat and drink.
…I should hear the giggle that came out of KidFish’s mouth as I tickled her exposed belly.

Listen closely because those dishes, diapers and laundry tell many stories. Hopefully mine tell of a life well lived.

What stories can your dishes, diapers and laundry tell?