Sometimes the best stories are old ones. Here are a few stories from my childhood that we’ve been enjoying lately.

oldies but goodies

1. Moongame by Frank Asch
One night Moonbear decides to play hide-and-seek with the moon. When it’s Moonbear’s turn to hide, the moon finds him every time. But when the moon ducks behind a cloud and doesn’t come out, Moonbear gets worried. Is the moon lost forever?

2. The Gumby Shop by Joy Cowley
Where can you find a clown in a pancake gown? At the Gumby Shop! Take a trip to the Gumby shop and discover all the quirky things that you can’t get anywhere else!

3. Nobody by Patience Brewster
A girl named Sarah frequently claims “Nobody did it.” Find out what happens when “Nobody” is finally revealed to be somebody.

4. Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch
Moonbear discovers that he and the moon share the same birthday. Now Moonbear wants to give his nighttime friend a present. But what do you buy the moon?

Cast your vote

Yesterday was election day. Whether you submitted a ballot or not, you still have a chance to vote. How? Every day is voting day. Every day we cast our votes for what we deem important. How we spend our money, where we go, what we watch and who we spend time with are all votes.

How will you vote today?